The TRUTH, You Say?


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The Truth, You Say?

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I’m going to ask you to consider one simple,concise idea. I am not asking that youbelieve it;merely that you ponder it in the light of the evidence supplied by your own senses,reason,and experience. If by so doing you recognize the slightest ring of truth,then I urge you to read on,for this site, and the book to which it is dedicated, will substantiate this thesis with such a preponderance of evidence as to preclude any possibility of doubt. That illuminating disclosure is simply this: Both the Democrats and the Republicans are peddling the exact same deception;and that bill of goods is that the Republicans represent the interests,values,and will of Conservative Americans,and the Democrats represent the interests,values,and will of Liberal Americans. RepublicratLogo Before you decide,consider the following: Since 1960,we have had ten presidents;five Republicans and five Democrats. While there have been some minor variations, these have been largely independent of the party in power, and overall, the trend has been downward for people who actually work for a living and produce something of value, and steeply upward for those who advance their interests through other means. Whether it’s Reagan and ‘trickle-down’,or Clinton and ‘free trade’,the resultant dynamic is indistinguishable:huge incentives,tax breaks,and outright give aways are funneled to giant corporations,with the justification being that this will encourage them to create more jobs,hire more people,and propel our economy upward. While the rhetoric is invariably “we want to help our small businesses,” in practice,these financial benefits allow the giant corporations to undersell their smaller,more honest competitors,and ultimately,drive them out of business. Meanwhile,they ship American jobs overseas,and use the threat of further outsourcing to keep their remaining domestic workers compliant through fear for their jobs. Bill Clinton while signing the NAFTA bill stated:“NAFTA means jobs. American jobs,and good-paying American jobs….” When performers like Clinton,Bush Sr.,Newt Gingrich,Huckabee,Dole,et al set aside their pro-wrestling-style contrived hostilities,join hands,and assure American workers of their bipartisan endorsement,people should senses omething is seriously amiss. Meanwhile,the stock market soars. Who is benefiting from that? Not the guy who’s working 60-hours a week to make ends meet. It’s the people who are making their money by producing nothing. And what do they do with that money? Why,they funnel it back to their crooked politicians,who then pass more laws benefiting those who support them. Sweet! Let’s be honest here: Who,precisely,ran our economy (and that of the world) into the ground. Was it you? Did all this happen because you weren’t working hard enough? Was it because you were playing slight-of-hand games with investment firms? Was it you who were swindling friends and relatives with precarious Ponzi schemes? And,when this disaster occurred,who decided that the only way to solve the problem was to give massive hand outs (corporate welfare) to the criminals who caused the problem? Was It Barack (Democrat) Obama? Was it George W. (Republican) Bush? Or was it Barack Obama,George W. Bush,and all the other Republican and Democrat cronies who have lived their entire lives on your money? One last question:how much personal wealth did our Republican and Democrat politicians lose as a result of the financial meltdown? Well, as it happens,when the global economy collapsed, congressional members scored big, posting a 16% gain collectively between 2008 and 2009.
Moreover,approximately half of these humble public servants are millionaires, compared to 1% for society at large in America. Eight members of congress are mega-millionaires,with portfolios in excess of $100 Million. Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) holds the largest treasure chest,estimated in excess of $300 million. Trailing close behind is Rep. Jane Harman,(D-Calif.) with her portfolio averaging $293,454,761. Rounding out the top three is Sen. John Kerry,(D-Mass.),with $238,812,296. In 2010,the median wealth of a House Representative was $765,010—up from $645,503 the previous year. The median wealth for Senators jumped up to nearly $2.38 million last year,from a mere $2.27 million a year earlier. Congressional representatives on balance rank among the wealthiest of wealthy Americans,and boast financial portfolios that are all but unattainable for most of their constituents. Nice work if you can get it,especially when you consider that the median per capita income in the United States is $25,000…and falling. Who supports these laws? Clinton,Gingrich,Democrats,Republicans…. If this is starting to sound like one of (if not the) most corrupt regime in history, congratulations! You’re starting to catch on. But we’ve only scratched the tip of this insidious, unconstitutional, un-American iceberg. This site is about PROOF, and if you’re open to hearing it, it’s all here for you in one place!

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The TRUTH, You Say?

  1. Thanks for making the book available, J.P.

    I like your website, and I like your politics. For years, I’ve been saying that the Democratic party and the GOP are simply flipsides of the same coin–emphasis on “coin”– and that the rancorous partisan divisiveness is little more than political theatre calculated to distract us by giving each side a “straw dog” to shoot at. (I believe it was Machiavelli who noted that the surest way for a politician to unite his followers is to give them a common enemy.) This why Republican politicians are *still* calling Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama “socialists” with a straight face: because the idiot mantra still works with idiots. (Never mind that Hillary was a member of Walmart’s board of directors, and participated in their union-busting strategy sessions; or that Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement is the very definition of anarcho-capitalism.)

    It’s good to know there are at least a few critical thinkers left. I look forward to reading your book…

    – Jack –

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